3 Tips For Finding A Good Plumber In Sydney


If you are facing a situation such as a blocked toilet or leaking pipe, then it is essential you hire a professional technician to come to your premises and fix the issue. If you live around Sydney, then you might want to be hiring a plumber in Sydney to assist you.

However, finding the best technician to help you is not always straightforward as there is a huge amount of competition (seriously) all desperate to get work any way they can. Some providers are extremely dodgy and seek to entice you with very low prices that betray the fact there are properly qualified and/or insured.

Don’t take the risk of spending your time and money with an unreputable provider. The following will look at some tips you can use to find a good plumber in Sydney.

1.   Browse the internet


First, start your search by looking at the internet by doing a Google search or using another search engine like Yahoo or Bing. When you hit enter on the query ‘plumber in Sydney’, you will get lots of relevant results you can browse between to determine what is suitable for you.

Look at their websites and examine the information that you find displayed there. See what they have to say about their business and what kind of offers they have for you. You should pay attention to their ‘about’ section to see what their values are and see if they align with what you’d expect from this kind of business.

Also, while you are on their website you should see if they are advertising any special discounts or offers. Often this kind of business will give discounts to customers who book via their website rather than calling.

2.   See what others have said about them

It’s a good idea to check out independent review sites to see if the plumber in Sydney has a good reputation with their past customers. One or two bad reviews are normal for most businesses, but if there are many bad reviews citing the same issues then its safe to say you should take your money somewhere else.

It can be very easy to be persuaded by someone who uses a lot of jargon and complex language to convince you they are a good technician that deserves your business. Never work with anyone you can’t guarantee is properly licensed.

3.   Ask questions over the phone

a man talking o someone over the phone

Ask the qualifying question of the plumber in Sydney you are thinking about hiring. They should be eager to explain how they work to you and what kind of pricing structure they have so you can get a fair estimate of what the work is going to cost you.

Some of the questions you can ask a plumber in Sydney are:

  • What kind of tools do you have?
  • What kind of qualifications of you have?
  • What insurance do you have?
  • What is your experience?
  • Have you dealt with my particular issue before?
  • How did you solve that issue?
  • Have there been any complaints from past customers?
  • How confident are you that you can fix my problem?
  • Are there any discounts I can’t take advantage of?
  • Why would I hire you over another provider?

Some of those questions may seem a little blunt or even rude, but there’s nothing rude about qualifying the person you are considering giving money to and letting work inside your home.

Hopefully the above helps you to find a talented plumber in Sydney that you can rely on to help you with whatever water line issues you are experiencing.