Attractive Features Offered By The Modern Sunny Boy Inverter

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The modern sunny boy inverter is a magnificent piece of equipment that homeowners should be leveraging.

Arriving in a myriad of different sizes and capacities, from the 3.0 and 3.6 to the 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 designs, users have the chance in 2019 to maximise their solar panel installation with these expertly crafted products.

German manufacturers SMA have been at the forefront of PV systems dating back to the early 1980s, installing their designs across historic landmarks including The White House in the USA and The Vatican among many others.

Here we will take stock of what they are currently rolling out to the modern consumer, delivering the goods when it comes to solar energy conversion technology.


Performing In Shaded Conditions

A PV system can falter when there simply isn’t enough sunlight exposure, but the modern sunny boy inverter models bypass that concern. This is thanks to the OptiTrac Global Peak and TS4-R Optimiser features respectively. They both work to maximise energy generation and minimise the effect of shade to avoid suffering from those obvious setbacks. The weather can play havoc for consumers and that is even before any trees or structures come into the equation to block out the sunlight exposure.


Simple Installation Process

It can be a time consuming and costly exercise when booking for solar specialists to arrive on site and install the product. This is a task that requires diligence and an eye for detail, ensuring that it is in the right position to optimise the sunlight exposure. The sunny boy inverter only weighs a modest 17.5kg and its lightweight nature ensures a straightforward single technician installation. Competing products in this industry are heavy items to manage and this can complicate their positioning for homeowners.


Stronger Investment Security Measures

Homeowners have a number of issues on their plate at anyone time, but one subject that will be given preference over others is having to pay for a brand new item due to a fault. The modern sunny boy inverter is ready and primed to meet this challenge directly, sending a replacement free of charge within 5 business days should the inverter happen to fall within the 1% of goods that fail.


Later Upgrades

While one of the new sunny boy inverter models on the shelf looks to be the best fit, sometimes the budget simply isn’t there to continue with the transaction. Then there are other consumers who are in the middle of starting a family and will be gradually increasing their energy usage rate. This is one of the key selling points offered by the SMA brand, allowing for later upgrades that the providers can implement and install at the user’s convenience.


Battery Primed For Optimal Performance

One of the real benefits of utilising the sunny boy inverter is that the battery is primed for optimal performance whenever the household needs it. Additional battery storage can be added to the system to host excess solar power, literally saving this as an asset for a rainy day. For those owners who struggle with their public power grid connection from time to time, the inclusion of the SMA Automatic Backup Unit acts as an insurance measure against a blackout. This is efficient battery storage come to life with innovative components that are built for optimised performance.



Should there be any doubts about the validity of the modern sunny boy inverter, it is worthwhile talking to a local PV system outlet or solar panel installer about their experiences and feedback. Others can simply take stock of these items and their online rating, offering more context to their benefits for households and businesses across the country.