Basic Facts About The 3PL Warehouse Management System

Whenever an order is placed to the company, the company does not deliver the product themselves. Instead, they hire third-party logistics companies to deliver the product. It is the best solution for the companies because it helps them save time, money and increase productivity. This is why a company has a tie-up with a lot of different third-party logistics companies for maximum efficiency. If a 3pl company is not available to do the delivery, then they ask the other 3pl company to do the delivery. As soon as the 3pl company receives the order, they take the full responsibility of the product, and if anything happens to the product, then they would have to bear the total cost of the product. This is very risky as the 3pl company would have to suffer a large amount of loss due to the product getting damaged. This is why they handle each and every product with extreme care. Even the packing of the product is done carefully so that delicate products don’t break.

What is a 3pl warehouse management system?

Various types of products need to be delivered every day. So in order to manage and handle them easily, each and every product are stored in a warehouse to meet various types of needs from the clients. Then the product is received from the warehouse to be delivered into the final location. Managing the products in a warehouse can be extremely difficult even for a well-known operator. In other to increase productivity, the 3pl company uses various types of machines to handle the products carefully. In a warehouse management system, each and every activity is recorded. This helps the company to track the product easily. Some complex warehouse management systems are also equipped with internal and external software systems to perform various types of tasks like supply chain management system, inventory management system, transportation management system and much more. Everything now can be tracked easily by the customer. The customer can now whether the product is still in the warehouse or it has been shipped towards the destination. This helps them to track the exact location of their product. Many modern warehouse management systems are also equipped with a real-time tracking system to inform the customer with the current location of the product every time it is shipped.

Who uses a 3pl warehouse management system?

A warehouse management system is used by clients for managing, tracking, shipping, and monitoring the activity. A 3pl company needs to store the product in the warehouse until someone arrives to pick it up and deliver it to the final desalination. But till then it must be kept in a secured warehouse for better management of ye product. Various types of industries use the warehouse management system like health care, computer, electronics, automotive, cold storage, aeronautics, and much more. All of the products stored at the warehouse has a destination where it needs to be delivered. Mostly, only private companies use the 3pl warehouse management system for managing their products.