Best Open World Games in Recent Memory


Sandbox video games allow players to take their own time and explore the world according to their will. While some games have explorable levels, other games have explorable worlds that have optional levels.

In any case, the option of giving the player freedom to do whatever they want is what makes open world games so enjoyable. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Elder Scrolls have redefined the genre, paving ways for better experiences. Here are some of the best sandbox games in recent memory.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red has done little wrong since their inception, and The Witcher 3 was only the amalgamation of everything they have learned since their humble beginnings as game sellers in 1994. Witcher 3 follows Geralt of Rivia, who is asked to find Ciri, the last of her line in an Elfish bloodline with powers of space-time manipulation.

The game features a dense world filled with quests, monsters and idyllic sceneries that are beginning to be explored. Although the story can get a little confusing at times, that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing what this game has to offer.

Bully: Scholarship Edition

What sets Bully apart is the fact that the game is set in a school environment. Players can go around school causing as much chaos as they want.


Created by the now defunct Rockstar Vancouver, Bully follows the story of a young boy named Jimmy Hopkins who’s dumped into Bullworth Academy on his newlywed parents’ way to their honeymoon. From then on, Jimmy meets many people who antagonise him and want him gone from the school.


The game features many school equipment that you can use as weapons such as a ruler, slingshot, stinkbombs that you can make in the chemistry lab and bags of marbles. Although there aren’t many vehicles to explore the town of Bullworth, different parts of town house different cliques that attend Bullworth such as the Prepies, Bullies, Nerds, Greasers and Jocks. Most of these cliques have a rival clique as well.

Saints Row IV

While the gameplay of Saints Row may have changed from the grounded approach that we’ve come to expect from Saints Row II and Saints Row III, Saints Row IV is quite possibly the greatest superhero game ever to be created.

With a wide array of superpowers, the players can choose such as super speed, gliding and wall running, Saints Rows offers a deep player customisation option as well. Not limiting the customisation to just players, Saints Row IV also provides car customisation as well.