Future SEO Trends To Watch In 2020


For many online operators, there is enough to deal with in 2018 to even consider the prospects of future SEO trends in 2019 and beyond.

It is the clever, savvy and long-term thinkers in the industry of digital marketing who already have one eye on the developing trends that are soon to take place.

Search engine optimization by its very nature is an exercise that is designed through continual endeavour with months and years of groundwork that underpins a successful project.

Even describing in SEO in terms of a “campaign” does not do justice to the effort that is necessary across this lengthy time period, with only a handful of rare short-term measures helping this process along.

So if you are part of those many agencies offering SEO services in Sydney, managing websites who is already on the lookout for 2020 trends in digital marketing, what should you be identifying?


Video To Trump Written Articles

What optimisers will already tell you is what they have been told for years – video content is the most effective form of digital marketing you can access. When attempting to gauge future SEO trends in 2019, it is important to note that search engine results pages (SERPs) will have a higher portion of purely video content that ever before. Those who have analysed and studied the phenomenon are adamant that before long, video pages will be more prevalent than written text. This will be akin to the 2016 paradigm shift when more worldwide internet use occurred on smartphones than on desktops.


Amazon To Become Popular Search Engine


There are a handful of key players currently circulating in the search engine market. With Google holding a monopoly over others, there is Bing and Yahoo enjoying a smaller slice of the pie. To examine future SEO trends that will be taking place in the digital marketing sphere, it is worthwhile tracking the progress of Amazon and their desire to become a major player in this landscape. The concept of Amazon SEO is booming as businesses and branded-entities are attempting to maximise their exposure through Amazon portals.


Search Intent To Become Widely Prevalent

There has been a gradual transition away from exact keywords to conversational speech as per the recent Google algorithm updates. When taking into account future SEO trends that will be occurring in 2020 and beyond, it is valuable to stop and consider the concept of search intent over actual search terms used. No longer will search engines take a search on face value as the technology will attempt to understand hidden meanings and interpretations in the event of a vague or abstract search endeavour. This will take into account search history, purchasing history and other factors to help deliver a more satisfying experience.


Voice Search To Overtake Written Search

Given the rise in popularity of smart devices in the household via Alexa and Siri, it is clear that one distinct innovation is already on our doorstep. Voice search falls under the banner of future SEO trends only in name, as digital marketing experts draw a parallel between the increase in search intent evolutions and the purchases of Siri and Alexa consoles. By 2020 there will be a more even distribution of written to search enquiries, and this phenomenon will escalate following the introduction of new and improved smart device consoles.


Authorities To Have Chief Wielding Power

It is too much of a generalistion to think of an authority on a niche as deriving from a major corporate brand. Search engines are too dynamic and intricate for that to be the blanket rule. What is a factor when gauging future SEO trends for the 2020 digital marketing landscape is a need for online entities to become an authority on a topic through clever strategy. That will ultimately win out against other players in the marketplace. It is a long-term play with no short-term fixes, but that early groundwork will still play dividends for the foreseeable future with organic search results.