Nature of Services by Doctor on Call

The importance of doctors and availability of the doctors are same in every economy since they are the lifesavers of the people. In fact the availability of the doctor is also an important matter of concern. Here arises the importance of after hours doctor in which the doctor is always available in the hospitals. The after hours doctor has to stay in the hospital in both day and night so that all kind of emergencies are well managed. The doctors are specialized in different segments of medical science and in hospitals teams have been made for the consultation of the doctors. But in the case of medical practitioners readily accessible are supposed to work in all the teams wherever there is an emergency. The new admissions are also handled by them in most of the cases. What this kind of services requires from the physician at hand is to work for thirty to thirty six hours with little sleep or may be without sleep 

It is also to be noted that the nature of the services provided by this kind of doctors is altered on the basis of the institutional terms and conditions. In fact this kind of tradition is practiced from the long time in the medical science. There are many criticisms against this type of tradition since many people consider this as a dangerous one for both the doctor and the patient. As tiredness of the doctor can affect his performance of the duty, which in turn affect the patient adversely. This is why many people oppose this type of medical practices by the medical experts at ones back.


The major criticism against the tradition is that this type of medical practice is an unnecessary one. On the other hand many people support the services provided by the medical specialists at ones disposal. This is mainly because of the appreciable availability of the doctor in case of the emergency situations. The supporters of this side argue that the experience of the doctor is the determining factor of the success. Thus the more he is put into the medical cases the more able he is to successfully commit the cases and thus the tiredness of the doctor is irrelevant in this arguments.  

So it is very important to train the medical surgeons at ones fingertip properly to ensure the considerable care to the patients even in the busy schedule. The training programs also should be made longer for the doctors. The interns of the medical science also have to be properly trained in the programs so that they become successful medical healers handy.  

The major advantage of the after hours doctor is the ready availability so that all kinds of emergency situations are handles by the doctors without making any delay. The other feature of the doctors on call is that they do not have to wait for any other procedural movements which allow them to directly care the patient in hand. This is also a benefit for the patients.