Tips For Enjoying The Best Safari In Africa

elephants in the wild

Going on the best safari in Africa is one of the most breathtaking and memorable experiences you can ever have. The continent is home to some of the most diverse and beautiful wildlife that has captured human imagination for millennia.

However, going on a safari in Africa is not your typical holiday experience and there are some things you would do well to prepare for so that you maximise your fun and come away with great memories. There’s a lot for you to explore and try out, but it’s best to try and maximise your safety and use common sense.

Let’s take a look at some hot tips for making sure you get the best out of your safari adventure in Africa.


1.     Bring extra spending money

So many people who choose to go on a safari in Africa end up not bringing enough spending money with them to really enjoy everything. They often end up having to pick and choose between activities based on value, rather than what they really feel like doing that given day.

It’s always good to bring a surplus of cash with you on a safari in Africa so that you don’t miss out on anything. Obviously, this is going to make the cost of your trip potentially more expensive, but you will be happy that you forked out a little extra to get the experience that you wanted.


2.     Being sturdy, comfortable shoes

A safari in Africa isn’t like a luxury cruise around the Bahamas, it’s a little more rugged and you’re going to get some dirt on you before the whole thing is said and done. With that said, you need comfortable and strong shoes so that you can navigate the terrain with ease and lessen the risk of injuring yourself which would ruin your holiday.


3.     Protect your camera

If you traditionally take your camera in a black bag, ditch it when you’re on your safari in Africa. You should choose a light-coloured waterproof bag as a darker colour will retain more heat and potentially damage your equipment.

A shower cap is another good thing to bring along to wrap your camera in should it start to rain during your expedition.


4.     Camouflage yourself

If the reason you are going on a safari in Africa is that you want to get close to the amazing wildlife, then it would be smart to try and blend into your surroundings as best you can. Instead of wearing bight coloured or branded clothing, go with khakis that the professional wildlife workers wear so that you are less detectable by the animals.

Depending on where your tour is taking place, you might go with darker greens to blend in with the denser vegetation. The more you blend in, the greater chance you will get to see the animals acting completely naturally in their element.


5.     If you want the best photos, go alone!

woman looking at the photos she took on her camera

While it may sound harsh, the more people you bring with you on your safari in Africa the more distractions you are going to have as a photographer. Travelling with others is fun, but if the goal is to get the best possible pictures of wildlife then there’s a case to be made for travelling alone or with the most minimal group you can.

There you have it, 5 tips for enjoying your safari in Africa.